The Happiest Entrepreneur, a book by Lien Rogers


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It’s finished! Our founder’s biographical self-help book is available now for pre-order.

Why you must own this book:

1/ A limited edition (1st publishing set only 600 items) with author’s signature.

2/ This book will help you develop the key ingredients to create a million dollar company from nothing: no relationships, no money, no knowledge of a new environment, no common culture, no process knowledge, no family, no friends and no help.

3/ This book provides readers with steps to control emotions to overcome tremendous challenges in life and work.

4/This book expresses the “6 Magic steps” for effective complaint handling at home, among friends and in the workplace.

5/ This book helps readers to deal with social media, cyber bullying, envy and jealousy in an effective way to avoid becoming a victim.

6/ This book takes readers to another world where they emerge themselves in the author’s life, awakening the reader from any complacency. It helps readers realise their privilege and find their greatest potential.

7/ This book discusses family values and what factors really affect the cognitive process of growth for a child.

8/ This book may introduce readers to the dark side of war so that they have a greater appreciation of a peaceful life.

9/ You will learn to recognise the turning point where cyber bullying begins for individuals and businesses.

10/ Does age matter in learning these skills?

11/ Is the experience of cyber bullying ultimately positive?

By purchasing this limited first edition, signed by our founder, you will join the first group of business warriors benefitting from her experience in modern day entrepreneurship.


About the author:

Entrepreneurial life began at an early age for Lien. At nine years old she had identified a gap in the sweet popcorn supply for her school and decided to do something about it!

As a child she formed survival skills and a strong determination with the struggles of post-war life in central Vietnam.

By her twenties, Lien had moved to Ho Chi Minh City and built a hair and beauty business from scratch before founding a real estate business, operating a mini-hotel and office space for rent.

Since moving to Australia, Lien discovered a new direction for her entrepreneurship and is well-known in the Vietnamese community in Australia and around the World. Lien has appeared in various newspapers and publications including Vogue Australia.

Lien graduated from the business school of University of Western Australia, and has earned an MBA plus various qualifications in beauty and skincare.

Lien hopes this book can connect with readers who are starting out in business or need to overcome challenges in business and life.

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