About Dermalyana

Having started out as a small company in Perth, Australia, Dermalyana was created with the aim to boost the confidence of its users and cause them to be happy in their own skin.

It’s founder, Lien Thi Rogers, suffered from melasma for several years. She lost her confidence, stopped looking after herself and started to gain a lot of weight. It wasn’t until she was trying on clothes at a store and seeing none of them fit her, that she looked in the mirror and finally deciding to make a change in her life. This marked the start of her health and skincare journey.

After spending thousands of dollars on different products and at different clinics, she figured out which kinds of ingredients worked well for her and managed to free herself of melasma, bringing back her youthful confidence. She wanted others to be able to feel as confident as she was starting to feel, without having to spend as much money as she did. And so, the idea for Dermalyana was born.

Through her knowledge gained researching alongside specialists and training as a beauty therapist at the Australian College of Beauty Therapy, she developed products with ingredients proven to truly make a difference to the skin.

Dermalyana officially launched in 2017 and has since extended its reach to many locations in over 30 countries, with the help of its many distributors. All Dermalyana products are Australian Made and Owned.

Good causes

By purchasing Dermalyana products, you can contribute to helping less fortunate people in Australia, Vietnam and many other countries where Dermalyana products are sold.